The Intricate and Multifarious Risks: The Consequences of Globalization

As globalization progressed, it led to not only the mobility of people, resources, capital, and related economic opportunities but also the dissemination of viruses, pollutants, and refugees via transportation networks, including human mobility, shipping, aviation, and telecommunications. Consequently, we are currently experiencing an era of pandemics, climate crises, and economic downturns, which can be characterized as ‘Compound Globalized Risks’.


Comprehensive, Innovative, and Synergistic Solutions for The Compound Globalized Risks

Amidst complex and globalized risks, the interconnectivity of pandemics, climate change, and economic downturns fuel and reproduce intricate and multifaceted crises. The exacerbation of these threats is attributed to the development of urbanization and civilization, which has resulted in the destruction of forests and nature, thereby eliminating the natural barrier that separates humans and viruses, and facilitating unprecedentedly fast viral spread. Given the intricate interdependence of these risks, it is imperative to develop comprehensive, innovative, and synergistic solutions to overcome these daunting risks.


An Inclusive, Multidisciplinary, and Standard-Setting Thought Leadership Community

The objective of the forum is to convene thought leaders from various disciplines who share the consensus that we are confronted with intricate and multifarious risks and crises and that collaborative efforts are indispensable to tackle them. Esteemed experts in healthcare, climate, ecology, and urbanization will preside over the inaugural conference in Incheon, South Korea. These unparalleled cooperative initiatives are open to all who seek to overcome the compound globalized risks. It serves as an inclusive platform for international discussion, collaboration, innovation, and standard-setting.