Ji Hyen Lee

Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital Pediatric infection and immunology Clinical assistant professor

Dr. Ji Hyen Lee obtained an MD degree from Kyungpook National University in 2011. From 2013 to 2019, she completed her residency in pediatrics and a fellowship in pediatric infectious diseases and immunology at Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital. During the years 2017 to 2019, she pursued her doctoral studies in pediatric science and successfully obtained her PhD. Currently, she is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology at Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital while studying Environmental Health System at Korea National Open University. Dr. Ji Hyen Lee is also responsible for patient care at Check Clinic, South Korea's first pediatric environmental clinic, and serves as the vice chair of IESEH. Her areas of interest include environmental health, microbiome research, public Health Microbiology, and pediatric global health.