Koon-Ho RHA

NAVER Healthcare Lab / Director

Dr. Koon Ho Rha is the Director of NAVER Healthcare Lab, Korea. NAVER is Korea’s premier IT company, services include search engine, on-line shopping (NAVER SHOPPING), fintech (NAVER PAY), Cloud services (NAVER CLOUD) and entertainment (eg. WEBTOON).

Before joining NAVER in 2021, Dr. Rha was Professor of Urology and Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery Center. Dr. Rha has more than 350 peer-reviewed scientific publications on minimally invasive urological surgery. On administrative side, he has served as the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Strategy Officer at Yonsei University Health System which now serves as foundation of basic knowledge at NAVER Healthcare Lab developing various innovative, AI -based healthcare services.